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    Hey guys my name is Boris Harizanov a.k.a Sh4d0wStrider, I am head composer at Dark Brotherhood studios and music is both my passion and something I cannot do without in my every day life ! I like to compose in different genres and styles. My inspiration comes from all the varieties of music out there. I mainly compose Epic Music/Trailer Soundtracks/SFX for Video Games , Trailers and Films but I also occasionally do covers and instrumentals. I am also a Gamer when I get in the mood so occasionally I upload gaming videos. In 2017 we founded Dark Brotherhood studios you can find us at : https://darkbrotherhood.bg expect surprises and many cool stuff to come. For soundtrack licensing/usage , film scoring , video game scoring , trailer soundtrack or other music related jobs/inquiries , please contact me on - Sh4d0w@darkbrotherhood.bg Support me on patreon for rewards and a chance to be part of the creation process https://www.patreon.com/Sh4d0wStrider