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    Songwriter: Wrote Lyrics to "A Dream With Your Name On It" recorded by Jennifer Holliday, ( used on the 1992 Democratic Convention, sung at the Inaugural Ceremonies, Star Search, winner of the Year, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade", Wide world of Sport, PGA End of the Year, Sung at the Apollo Theatre, Etc. No Promise, No Guarantee" recorded by Laura Brannigan, Wrote words and music to "Forever" recorded by Chapter 8 and "Stand Back, take A Look", by EQ on Atlantic Records "Sabotage My Heart" by Shannon on Atlantic Records Lyric to Oregon's "The Spirit Of 45'". "No Promise-No Guarantee" by Angela Pang went to #2 in Hong Kong. Co-Writers: Nathan East, Lou Pardini, Harley Allen, Lyndie White Wenner, Jud Freeman, Josh Kadison, Alan Roy Scott Alan O'Day, Harry Middlebrooks, Pat Robinson, Ray Flacke, Steve Eaton, Stowe Dailey, Denise Draper, Denise Davis Kim Vassey, Lisqa Palas, Chris Cummings, Danille Alexander, Bobby Etol, Kurt Howell,, Dave DeMay, Phil Naish, Rick Scott, Tom, Lerner, etc. aka: acted under the name of Karen Conrad