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    Meet the science shtick with a passion for music going by the pseudo name "BlvckMoon". BlvckMoon is a singer / songwriter / guitarist / DJ based in Nairobi. She's entirely self-taught as an artist, and a mechatronic engineer by profession. In her words, "I’m cathartic, and the themes that surface in my writing, are in one way or another linked to events that have occurred in my life. It's in the expression and inspiration of the true self that we find resonance and sight of how connected we are. I also love astrology, and the awe that comes with the possibility of analogizing behavioural characteristics of celestial bodies to human ones; this features a lot in my work." BlvckMoon considers her music Indie / Afrosoul / Experimental; she released her debut EP, "HERTZ", in October 2018; and quite recently, an ethereal single titled "Breezy" - in collaboration with Djae. BlvckMoon seeks to elevate the heart, mind and soul through music.