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    Hollywood Sins is the band you've been waiting to hear on the radio and the band you've been dying to see live. Nostalgic with a modern edge they are high energy, fist pumping rock 'n' roll at its finest. They bring the swagger and attitude and back it up with strong songwriting and energetic live performances. Appealing to a diverse audience ranging from classic rock fans to popular mainstream culture, Hollywood Sins has it all. Big riffs, catchy hooks, and the ability to crossover to different styles while remaining true to their roots. Raw, real and unapologetic, Hollywood Sins is the result of a collaboration between Blaine Walker (Lead Guitar) and Danny Quatrale (Lead Vocals), two visionaries who had nothing else to live for except their shared love of music and a dream. To follow in the footsteps of their heroes while carrying the torch of rock 'n' roll to a new generation of music fans.

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