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    I am an upcoming electronic dance music producer, songwriter, and performer based out of Omaha, Nebraska that has an insatiable passion for creating and performing all types of electronic dance music. I go under the artist name BlackLight, am an avid dancer and lover of good vibes, and approach songwriting, producing, and performing from this perspective. I also do my best to deliver good feels, good vibes, PLUR (Peace Love Unity & Respect) vibes, and dance-ability in each of my creations or performances. My recent releases include “Bass on Walls (Original Mix)”, “Feels (Original Mix),” and “The Underground (Original Mix), all of which recently made Housecharts.net’s March Top Ten Chart. Some of my other and popular releases include “Bass is Pumpin (Original Mix), “Can't See In (Original Mix)”, “Deep (Original Mix),” and “Tribal Jack (Original Mix)” to name a few. All are examples of my current and evolving sonic vision, kaleidoscopic vision, and style. In addition, I own and operate my own record label (Plurred Vision Records) which I release my music under.

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 A lot more to come :)