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    BJB is a DJ/Music Producer who breathes music. Born and raised in a small town called McKeesport just outside of Pittsburgh Pa, he has always been a lover of music and a fan of the art. His love for music led him to becoming a well known DJ in the mid 80's and started DJing professionally. Later he hooked up with his cousin Sam Sneed and formed a group and started performing shows at the local parties.This progressed to him DJing for a number of groups that were formed by Sam Sneed. As time went on Sam Sneed ended up going to Cali and signing with Death Row Records and BJB began making Beats. with the help of Sam Sneed BJB has produced a number of tracks on a professional scale including Tela's "still a man" and 50 Cent's G-Unit Lp titled "I smell p***y" His expression of his music comes from some of his influences like Dr Dre, Pete Rock,DJ Premier, Just Blaze and Timbaland just to name a few. He also recognizes that the Rap game has changed over time and refuses to just copy what trends are out there but realizes that you have to stay current and just do you. "When It comes to music I tend to be a perfectionist and my toughest critic" As you listen to his sound just know that BJB is just like you.. A Lover of Music!!

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