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    Our creative process comes from a place that is natural and instinctive. It is difficult therefore to put ourselves into a particular category which, in today's cultural climate, is essential. Therefore, we can only express ourselves as a particular artist might.   Coming from fine art backgrounds, our process when producing work, is more about ideas, feel and spontaneity. These guide us as much as, or probably more so than technical skill, and play an integral role in our approach to music. In our experience we have come to know and understand certain structures of 'musical language' through playing and writing rather than studying, but we  try to avoid being tied down by them as much as we can.    We choose to classify our music as progressive pop or art pop but, as with all genres, these can mean different things to different people. If we have a main objective, it is to produce work which is exciting and surprising. Being eclectic does not mean we don't have a particular style.  What that style is, however, can only come from the subjective musical taste/knowledge of others. To blow our own trumpets, we could  say that no one else sounds like us. This may sound arrogant, but if something is coming from an individual and genuine place, it stands to reason that it can only be unique, even if the forms used are recognisable. Saying all this, it is inevitable that a compromise has to be made by artists of our ilk and, as much as we despise it, we have to use language that we sometimes don't want to use to explain our work.

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