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    There are many ways to describe Bill Newton, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties him all together and is true to his character: Bill Newton is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Bill Newton does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gift of music truly is. Bill Newton has always been musically gifted. From a young age, he was singing, performing, and playing a variety of instruments. Throughout the course of his musical career, Bill Newton has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. Bill Newton, a well-renowned Rockin Roll Country-fied,Bluesy musician, is a talented creative musician who plays every instrument on every recorded song and will mesmerize you with his unique range of different styles and sounds. Based in Clearwater, he has a storied history of live performances, musical arrangements, and professional recording sessions. He prides himself on his unique technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with his unique sound. Explore the site and learn more about the musician behind the music. Long History Of Great Music!! With Family, Friends, and all the rest of the Crazy stuff that went on for many, many years that can never be described or told, molded different sounds and different grooves that can never really be described or explained ! But ! if you we're there you wouldn't forget !!

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 Rockin Roll Country-fied, Bluesy musician Here's a Mix of several Albums 

  • Crazy For Your Love
  • Bill Newton Instrumental - Feel Here
  • Color Blind
  • Hobo
  • Give Me Back My Heart
  • Gina
  • Danger on the moon
  • Bill Newton Instrumental - Hear We Are
  • Bill Newton Instrumental - Get It
  • Baby Your the One