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    Big Daddy F is an MC, Rapper, Composer and Music Producer, already in the HIP HOP movement for over 20 years. Before it was known by F.AGGMAN the MC who was on the streets of Luanda showing his talent, founder of the group D-Black, which later came to be called Black Moment Records, in which he founded with his partner and friend Lacrimogeneo. Big Daddy F has already produced artists such as Kid Mc, Lil Jorge, Sixckim, Max P, Lacrimogeneo, Fogor among others, also belonged to the 300 project with rappers such as Chorameu, Black Historiador, Lixado Mc, Paizão, Encyclópedia Negra. After that project F.AGGMAN or Big Daddy disappeared completely in 2016 the first time and then in 2018 after the death of his great partner partner of the pair F.AGGMAN & Lacrimogeneo. At the end of 2020, after being persuaded by friends to rap again, the rapper returns in 2021, already as Big Daddy F preparing his debut album entitled R.E.I. which will be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Specialized in producing Boom Bap instrumentals, he has always shown consistency in the way of producing and has always remained true to his principles even though he now denies that he has any more involvement with the Hip Hop Underground movement he says he is just a doer and eternal rap lover made for the heart. Big Daddy F says that it has not been easy to return to music first because he no longer has his friend by his side to share ideas and secondly because the people who asked him the most have not supported him but are happy for the reception that his promotional single Bate Forte has been on the radio and people who listen to and like music.

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