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    This is the part when you say; "Nooooooo"! Ok.....Been singing forever and started writing and playing guitar at 13. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me take piano lessons! Although I don't play now, I learned about timing, phrasing, flats and sharps. Thank you Mom and Grandma for teaching me songs from infancy. For singing to me and for making me get up and do impromptu concerts in the living room. Thank you Dad for listening to all the old standards. Gleaned so much from that. Patsy, Bing, Nat, Connie and Harry. Thank you brothers and sister for introducing me to every different genre out there! Thank you Rod for always listening to the latest (and weirdest ) music. Thanks most of all to our son Jon, for sending me a Podcast because he liked the name! That Podcast was Cathy Heller's "Don't Keep Your Day Job". Cathy, if you hadn't named your podcast that, I wouldn't be typing this right now! I discovered the world of Sync Licensing in 2017 from Cathy Heller and Catch the Moon Music. Off I go!

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 That Christmas Feeling all year long!