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    Bernie Harris (Aka BeatBoy19) A Music Producer who grew up in N.Y.C,by way of the ruff and dangerous environment of Brooklyn(brownsville to be exact); spent most of his earlier youth inside vibing and playing his parents’ vast record collection -thus Avoiding most of the many traps their in ; influencing and shaping the skills he has today. From since he could remember, Bernie Harris was always a fan and student of the Performing and fine Arts.With Music being his main focus;He could recall from as early as a toddler;bouncing to the soulful sounds of the greats of the 70’s ;Like Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye,Michael Jackson, Prince, Rick James and many others To him singing in different gospel choirs ,to visioning with his peers in “Art & Design High School” in NYC, til’ one day being inspired to create his own music of todays genres of hip hop,r&b,Pop,soul,etc. During his high school years, Bernie Harris caught the producing bug listening to New Jack Swing pioneer”Teddy Riley”…He inspired him to saving up money and going to Sam Ash Music store to purchase his first piece of gear til learning and honing his craft..til meeting,learning ,working with( and even mentoring) artist that are popular today. Currently,Bernie Harris of BeatBoy productions is working out of his project studio in NYC; Producing,writing and recording of and coming artists,And always on the grind making hits to be placed to established artist and brands though out the music and commercial industry.

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