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    My name is Bernardo Caballero Gonzales, born in 1978. A great year for music!! I write original music since 1994. My stage name is FRANCIS BERNARD. I work as a solo artist, writing all the music and lyrics. There is always music playing in my head. I play the guitar and sing, but also play bass, drums, keyboards, harmonica... I am from and live in Bolivia. I studied music in Australia for two years. I also lived in the US for a while. My music is inspired by music. I love all kinds of genders, from classical to heavy metal, and everything in between. I can write any kind of music. Writing lyrics is very easy for me. I read a lot and I have a law degree. Writing in English is what feels more natural for me, although I have songs in Spanish as well. I love the country and the city. I am single and I love to swim and to ride my awesome Harley Davidson!

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