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    Benji is an established guitarist, composer, arranger and vocalist from nyc who's been composing and playing for over 20 years. His work spans from solo guitar, duos to orchestrations w various ensembles including wind/brass strings and more traditional jazz setting arrangements of piano, bass, drums, guitar, winds. His wealth of knowledge and passion for Brazilian, jazz, classical and world music make him a unique and demanding composer throughout the world. He maintains an honest personal approach to music from the heart and combines it with all the skill and technical knowledge he has acquired over the years from his many travels around the world and especially his time spent living, studying and teaching in various regions of Brazil. He received his BFA in Jazz guitar performance from New School University in 2007, studying and performing with world renowned composers and instrumentalists including: Junior Mance, Charles Tolliver (Art Blakey), Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan), Vic Juris and Rodney Jones (James Brown).

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