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    Ben Slavin is an American folksinger who has been living in Italy for almost twenty years. He graduated in voice(opera) from Arizona State University and soon after moved to Milan to continue his studies as a dramatic baritone. While he was in Milan he met Odette Di Maio (ex-frontwoman of the group “Soon”) and formed the folk-pop duo “The March”. After recording an EP "The March" toured around Europe and the US performing in over 100 venues including CBGB and at the prestigious Arezzo Wave Festival in Tuscany. They also appeared on various radio programs like “The Joey Reynolds Show” (with 8 million listeners) and for the famous critic Larry Flick (Billboard,Rolling Stone) on Sirius Radio. In 2014 he released his first solo album "Palepolis" with Apogeo Records which was recorded inside of a 17th Century Basilica in Naples, Italy. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews by both the Italian and international press. He was featured on the segment "Music and the City" for the national Italian TV network Rai 3 as well as on the RAI national radio program "Zazà". His new album "The Pines" was recorded between Naples and Verona together with producer and poly instrumentalist Andrea Faccioli (Baustelle, Luci della Centrale Elettrica,Cisco). The album is a song cycle about growing up in the isolated Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey and the long process of trying to adapt and integrate into his adopted country. Throughout the album various traditional American folk instruments (many of which are used in the traditional folk music of the Pine Barrens) are interspersed throughout the songs while maintaining a uniquely mediterranean flavour. "The Pines" is ultimately a journey through two nations of stark contrasts and finding redemption through nostalgia and acceptance.

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 Breathtakingly melodies over lush chamber folk arrangements all tied together with one of the most excitingly beautiful voices in music today 

  • 6. Tosti Songs And Art Nouveau
  • 9. The Pines Iii - The Forgotten Prince
  • 12. Lithograph Train
  • 11. Cetara
  • 4. Ordinary Builds
  • 7. Lemon Biscuit Tin
  • 5. The Pines I - Barnegat
  • 8. The Pines Ii - Masoleum
  • 10. Leave