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    Originally from the small village of Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire; Ash is today recognised as a music producer, songwriter & musician. He the founder of the independent project studio & record label Tu-kay Records and part of singer-songwriting duo Tu-kay & Ryan. Ash's musical journey began at 6 years old, as he began to write songs. Over the years since, he has become well-practised on a range of musical instruments. It was only natural that his journey of playing and writing would lead him into music production and recording, particularly as a means to record his own material. Ash studied music production for 6+ years in order to strengthen his knowledge base and gain the relative qualifications (notably a degree). Ash has since worked with a string of well recognised industry professionals throughout his 19+ year of recording and producing music and has recorded and engineered in a wide range of scenarios.

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