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    Ashraf El Ser Khogaly was born in Alexandria in 1965. His love of music leads him to become a composer and guitar player, and by his early college years was the lead guitarist in a band that included Moustafa Amar as lead vocalist. His professional career as a composer was launched in 1989 with the song "Zeina", which was sung by Mosutafa Amar, and launched the careers of singer, songwriter and lyricist Sameh El Agami. Ashraf has produced songs for many established singers such as Mostafa Amar, Anoshka, Hamid El Shairi, Alaa Abdel Khalek and Mona Abdel Ghani. He also works with talented young singers and has produced successful singles for Mohamed Mohi, Dalia, Amira, Sahar Nagy and Cheb Arrab. Among his more famous compositions is "Aisheen", collaboration between Moustafa Amar and Chico & the Gypsies. He has also produced numerous short-fiction film soundtracks, in addition to his frequent job as an instructor of guitar and voice. The music of Ashraf El Ser Khogaly is characterized by elements from traditional Egyptian folklore from the countryside, Upper Egypt and Nubia. These are evident in his choice of instrument, rhythm, and chords. His harmonies also include elements from Western music, namely: jazz, blues and swing; making his music familiar to both Arab and foreign audiences. The themes of his songs encompass the struggle of the self with society and throughout celebrate the universal ideals of love, freedom and justice

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