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Songtradr placement | "Le Grand Bleu" on Nickelodeon’s "Mysticons"

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"Essence of Beauty" | Novation

Boeing Veteran’s Stories: Florent Groberg

"Freedom" | Matthew Cue

Jansport "SuperBreak The Collection" Online Campaign

"Bomb Baby" | John Coggins

Fifty Shades Darker DVD campaign • Universal Pictures

"Get Us Hot" | Esjay Jones

Ardene "Coasting" Online Campaign

"Do Something" | Young Planet

Ardene "Coasting" Online Campaign

Why choose Songtradr?

"…because it allows independent musicians like her to retain control of their publishing rights and doesn’t take a cut of their royalty payouts. And unlike traditional publishing deals, her contract with Songtradr is nonexclusive — meaning she’s free to use other publishers."

LA Times, August 22, 2017 with Ashley Dudukovich on why she chose Songtradr.

Ashley Dudukovich of Chasing Jonah

Songtradr placement | "War Paint" on FOX’s "Lucifer"