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    I was born in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. Being a child, I heard a piano concert with orchestra on the radio and I fell in love with the instrument and music, wishing for a couple years, finally, I started classes when I was 8 years old, by my own with a professor but my father forbade me to continue in that moment. In 1996, I enrolled in the Higher Institute of Music of the National University of Tucuman, passing the entrance exam with the best grades. I studied there piano and composition until 2009. My piano teacher was Lucia Herrera; I studied composition and music of the 20th century with Daniel Robles; Room acoustics with the architect Guillermo Gonzalo and History of Art and Aesthetics with Professor Horacio Enrico. More courses of chamber music, pianistic technique and Suzuki method, with different teachers. As cultural manager I realized audio-visual samples in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, concerts of my works for piano in the Cultural Center Alberto Rougés of the Foundation Miguel Lillo. And pictorial samples with various artists. My musical work is divided into two classes: A-WORKS FOR PIANO: dreamlike, minimalist, and with the concept of sound landscape as premise of composition. A mix of twentieth-century languages ​​and others of my own. B-ELECTRONIC WORKS, ARE DIVIDED IN TWO CATEGORIES: 1- SIDERIA: 3 Parts for synthesizer. 2- ASTRAL: series of electronic works, made it with various free and licensed software, and the use of various plugins and samplers.

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 Composer and pianist