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    Inspired by the world-building songcraft and sci-fi synthwave of The Weeknd - paired with a heavy nod to ‘80s radio pop greats like Phil Collins and Hall & Oates - ANTi is a maximalist at heart. His synth-driven, melody-forward music finds itself at home alongside current hitmakers Charlie Puth and Nick Jonas, inspired by super-producers Cirkut, Max Martin, and Greg Kurstin. Today, ANTi is one of the most sought after up-and-coming producers in Nashville’s growing pop scene. After the musical prodigy graduated early from an elite music university, he logged time as an engineer and one-man session band at beloved Studio L in western Pennsylvania. Soon after, ANTi relocated south to help redefine what pop meant for Music City. There, he honed his diverse skill set becoming a sought after multi-instrumentalist for platinum major label artists, performing clubs to stadiums for the better part of a decade, but notably has now made his mark producing and writing for emerging pop, alt, and indie artists. His work has already garnered millions of on-demand streams, and 2023 saw the release of no fewer than 17 singles on which he was producer and/or songwriter. ANTi’s cult electro-funk pop duo The Love Elektrik came on the scene in the mid 2010’s to turn heads. Founded with bassist Victor Brodén, their sound combined the glossy funk of early 90’s Prince with the euphonic glitter of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Fast forward to today, ANTi has embarked yet again on the journey to revolutionize the sound of Nashville pop. 2023's “Close To You” — a bold retrowave collab with producer/DJ SCi-FY — have since laid the groundwork for a refined sound and an evolution of his identity as an artist, in which ANTi is poised to climb into the driver’s seat and take pop music back to the future.

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 ANTi is a pop maximalist at heart, his synth-driven, melody-forward music finding itself at home alongside hitmakers like Charlie Puth and Nick Jonas.