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    We are Inifinite Lines! A new school genre of rap and structured new sound and style to the genetics of our music. Those who love new and old mixed together will love our movement and what we are going to do to this music business. We love to make all kinds of style in sound and are very open to collab with new talented artists but we respect that the creative control is left in our hands for it is our goal to keep our sacred vision of the environment we like to create. IL makes the dreams seem nonfiction! There are two main artist by the name Rhodes and James Bong, they come from the city of North Hollywood, Ca and come to put a dent in the music community and have plans to push their music worldwide and will not stop until it is a manifestation. Support your real rappers and you will get the truth in a fun way and that's exactly what we are about! IL to the death of me always and forever.

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