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    Artist Bio Modal close icon The brain and heart, two essential parts humanity cannot do without if we are to survive. ANHURA have taken this concept and extended it in their music, further exploring the marriage of thoughts and feelings. Inventing music not extremely based on theory but on feelings, experimentation/improvisation and experience. Through this vision, their music transcends boundaries and limitations, everything seems possible. Makes absolute sense since music is infinite and boundless. ANHURA's music is a journey, and to where the destination will be is to each his/her own. Their music takes you on a ride and while your eyes are closed, your limitation will only be your own imagination. It's a fusion of the diverse emotions that we, ourselves, embody our lives with... The bliss and madness, the love and suffering, the rise and fall, the beauty and chaos...equilibrium. The name ANHURA based on the band's research comes from the Aramaic term that means "light" or "lunar light". They chose this name mainly because their songs reflect a certain aura, that of one's search for the elusive light and its true meaning in life. The philosophy in general is that we are always in search for something in our life that would make us feel significant in this world. The vital something that would make us complete and fulfilled. ANHURA tends to express, address and manifest this through the music they create. The sound in general dwells, but is not limited to, a mix of classical, folk, and progressive built on a rock backbone. The vocal lines are powerful, ethereal and melodic, full of emotions, complementing the message and the music itself. Listen, be a fragment and take flight.

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