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    Andréas, was born in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Kinshasa, on the Wednesday of October 19th, 1988. In 2005 at the age of 16, He and his family fled their country of origin to escape civil war and relocated to Accra, Ghana where the singer will begin learning English as a second language; which will eventually become his primary speaking language later on in life. At the age of 17, Andréas ventured into joining a hip hop group with his neighbourhood friends at the time, where he was the only singer. The group was short-lived, but it did not stop a local recording music producer from noticing him. After catching the news that the group had split, he [the music producer] touched based with Andréas; took him under his wing for the following two years, and mentored him with the art of songwriting, recording, and performing. By 2009 at the age of 20 Andréas moved to the United States to pursue a BA in Communications in Kansas City, Missouri. Where he eventually fell in love with the art of singing live by often performing at The Kansas City Juke House’s ‘Open Mic Night’ on Mondays. 2013 was the year the singer decided to pick up an instrument, and opted for an acoustic guitar; which he solemnly dubbed Alicia String, after his idol Alicia Keys. From then on, Andréas has written at least a song a day. In 2014 he decided to test the [music scene] waters again by heading back into the recording studio to potentially establish a presence online as a singer. And that is how ‘The Blame Game’ by Andréas Muntu came to fruition in 2015.​ After experiencing first-hand, how today’s music industry works [digitally], to the point where any genuine indie artist has a fair shot to making it a career, Andréas decided to hire himself as his first client to PR for. Now based in Cape Town, South Africa; and still emerging in the music scene, Andréas will be releasing his debut EP 'Pariah' this year; 2018. And has already released two singles of the upcoming EP; 'Mr. Fiddler' (September 2017) and 'Unhinged' (April 2018) available on all digital music platforms.

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