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    Andre D. Music Story Follow me to the point of no return! It is now time to build the Famous Dwayne movement.If you like Hip Hop then show your true colors.Make sure to follow me wherever I go.We will grow this altogether.So don't forget to FOLLOW me wherever I go.You are now my fans.Let's shake up the whole world. Andre McCoy from Beaumont,Texas.One of the best tennis players in the state of Texas at 12 years of age.12 years of US schools.Lucas Elementary,Lincoln Middle School, Austin Middle School,French High School,West Brook High School all located in Beaumont, Texas.And graduated High School at Galena Park High School located in Galena Park Texas near Houston.Attended MTI technological institute in Houston, Texas.An Associates Of Bachelors Degree in computer systems technology.Ex Radio Announcer for Filstalwelle 105,4, Goppingen,Radio Fips Goppingen, and Radio Free FM Ulm.Now retired military and married to an Italian-Slovenian (Ersilija) with 2 sons, Starian 18, and Dante 4.I am now 51 years of age.4 years US Military and stationed in Goppingen, West Germany.Military intelligence and ex-Gulf War Veteran and parachute jumper.Musical background.From Middle School all through High School I he played first chair cello and started playing grooves with cello and started playing contra bass cause not many people was strong enough to hold it up and play in real time.He's been playing piano since the age of 8 and played creatively by ear to what he thought sounded good to him.Rapped in all the big discos including The Discotec Life in Goppingen.One of the biggest Epicenters for rap music and hip hop contests where military personel decided your fate.Including Discotec Cinderella in Stuttgart,MGM in Kornwestheim,The Liberty Discotec in Neu Ulm, and Discotec W3 in Ichenhausen.Special guest at the Ravenburger Faschings Fest in Ravenburg.His performance was so riveting to over 5000 fans that he signed autographs for over 2 hours and the mayor of that city asked him to sign his name which gave him the key to the city whenever he visited there.Pretty impressive.He has been on many consolidation CD's including 3 Dance Mission compilations and also wrote the rap part for Free The Dolfins, a song in connection with the founder of Flipper Ric O'Barry about the cruelty going on in the amusement parks where dolfins lose their sonar control when being confined to swimming pools.Famous Dwayne is about to bring that old school philosophy rap style back on the map where it belongs and take the rap game to the next level.So you stay tuned and while you're listening to it, and just, "Shake YA Booty!" and "Pop Dat Peppa!"

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