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    Music Publishing - 12 Studio Complex - Production House - Record Labels RoastingHouse Music (admin by BMG Chrysalis) – our publishing division, which controls most of our artist rosters and our multi Platinum and Gold awarded songwriters/producers who have several cuts on various million selling albums. We are one of the most successful international publishers in Japan with countless cuts for their artists. Our catalogue contains music various genres and we control both master and copyrights of most of the titles so it's quick and easy to clear a song, one stop go. Some of our sync's and other placements: Beverly Hills 90210 (Ep 22) CBS USA High School reunion 4 USA Moonlight, Warner Bros TV USA MotoGP USA She's out of my league, Paramount Pictures The Hills, MTV USA Hindenburg, RTL Justin & The Knights of Valour, Kandor Honda car commercial Asia Rock Band, Harmonix Red Bull Sports SM Entertainment Exiled, MTV USA Tv Commercial - Lingerie, Asien TV show - NEXT STAR CANADA The other end of the line, OEL USA South of Nowhere, THEJ, USA In my sleep, INMY Warrior, Lionsgate Toothpaste commerical, Asien Years of living dangerous, USA Zoop in Africa TV Commerical - Patene, Asien Movie Jimmy Jones

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