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    Zambia Amonnaire Mensajero I am the third born in a family of seven. My music really is a compilation of the things that I have experienced and learnt in my life from God’s word. It’s really been a long time coming. I started singing at a tender age tracing back to primary school days. I had a lot of interest in musical instruments first before falling so much in love with singing. I used to dance a lot in church whenever the choir at my then local church was singing using traditional drums that caught my attention. Years later, I joined the same choir and became the main drum player. As though this was not enough, I became the choirmaster of my former secondary school choir years later and played the drums there too. I developed interest in playing the piano which I learnt to do in 2011 taught by a good friend of mine Matt-P. It was throughout these musical experiences that I developed a sense of doing something that would reach the masses. Hence I began writing my songs down and recording myself on the phone so as not to forget the tunes of my songs because I had a vision of one day recording my songs with a big studio and carry on advancing in my music. My first songs were recorded by my classmates who had simple studios at their places. I met a lot of new friends in the event of my first recordings and learnt a lot of things from what I heard from the projects they had done. I did my best at least to record some of my songs when I was in high school despite being hindered by finances then to sponsor my projects. It’s been a long time coming to emerge but by God’s grace I believe I will reach greater heights and preach the good news about the Kingdom of God through my music.

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