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    Born – 25th Oct, 1999 City – Rajkot , Gujarat ( India ) Home Town – Savarkundla , Gujarat ( India ) Love For Music When he was at the age of 8, he uses to sing some melodious folk creations and at the age of 10, he started giving live shows with a complete musical band. Further, he got training in classical music from Guru Shree Aatamohmmand Khan Pathan ji. Folk music is in his hereditary. The reason why he got attached to Gujarati folk music is its richness, Gujarati folk is the richest folk which he liked most to sing. The folk word derives from the German word ” Volk ” which means the group of people expressing their feelings (Sensation) in their regional language From my point of view folk music is an expression of the real-life of the people. Combination Of Gujarati Folk With Kabir Vaani Whenever he sings ” Maarmik Vaani ” I feel too close to him, he just loves to sing Bhajans of Gangasati, Saint Gorakh, Saint Das Satar, Kavi Shree Dula Bhaya Kaag, Meghani ji, and many more. He found the seed of truth in these Bhajans, the real side of truth. Further research about saint Kabir but he didn’t find the right side of Saint Kabir, there are many Kabir Panths who presented Kabir in all different ways. He wandered many Kabir ashrams in India to find the real face of Kabir, but all have their different thoughts for Kabir. Parkhi Saint Prabhudas Saheb was the guru of my father, he presented the real side of truth and he got inspired to spread Kabir’s truth through the medium of folk music.

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