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    Singer songwriter Amber Sun Feather is a voice for the planet. Her relevant to these times folk songs help sooth, support and inspire action for the protection of our precious Earth. Inspired to be a voice for the tree’s, the water, the buffalo and bee’s her heartfull voice and raw rhythmic guitar strum express's her love for life. Her original Spirit guided songs are simple yet strong and invite one to connect with the Spirits of the Earth~    Born and raised in beautiful South Lake Tahoe her connection and love for nature goes deep. Finding her Spirit song amongst the tall trees, rivers, wildflowers and mountain peaks.      With the release of her CD “Spirit Song” she is focused on protecting her beloved Earth Mother by being a voice for the voiceless. She is performing locally with the intention to create awareness for the protection of the Sacred lands, people, animals, plants and elements. Amber Sun Feather calls upon the Sacred Directions, Elements and Ancestors to join in her Earth Spirited Heart folk songs~ Singing her prayers for the re-balance and healing of all in the Sacred Hoop Of Life! 
"Some of the Proceeds from CD “Spirit Song” are donated to organizations working to protect Earth Mother ​

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