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    You perhaps think I am unconventional because my perception of the world is quite different than most; you might even think I’m bizzare, outlandish or insane, but these judgments are because when we see or hear something new that we don’t yet understand or can comprehend, doesn’t seem to translate world to world, we often perceive the experience as negative instead of fresh, extraordinary and miraculous. Funny thing about miraculous: that word is inspired by everything “Love”.... my music similarly is created from Source; I would not take much credit by name if not doing so weren’t so “unconventional” as I have a great army with me always. However, in this world, I AM Amber Rae and Seleichur is the name of this projector music. Seleichur is a word I created; it is the name of a color... a color so far as of yet unperceived by the masses. A color mix of lavender, indigo, flecks of gold and white platinum energy. It represents who I AM in this ascending, quantum ship that I surrender to my truest self, fully and completely and never look back.