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    Hi! Since you have landed on my page you might have guessed, I’m Alyssa :) I’m 22 years old and I reside in little ol' Dansville, NY. I am that small town girl with big dreams and praying someday those dreams will become reality. I am currently working on my music career and if you have read this far, I hope you will want to tag along this journey with me! My music correlates to my surroundings and up bringing. What I see, what I feel, or what I imagine comes out on paper. Being that girl with just a pen and paper has helped me escape reality and let my imagination unfold into lyrics. As a kid, I was very shy. I never really knew how to communicate until I picked up the guitar. I come from a family with musical talent and as a young child, I was curious and determined to explore if I had any talent of my own.. and on that same day, I wrote my first song. Throughout middle school and high school, I lost friends, gain friends, went through a rough experience and almost gave up completely. Music is what saved me. As of now, I have my EP album which includes five original tracks. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with Drew Middleton, a producer in Nashville who did amazing work on this album! This experience alone has helped me tremendously with my confidence. I plan on making more trips to Nashville in the near future. What I want in 2018 is to focus strictly on my music, even if that means taking time off school. I promise I won’t disappoint! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with my latest material and future events! Thank you so much! Xoxo love yous

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 “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” - John Lennon 

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