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    We are a couple, living in The Hague (Netherlands). In our life, we love romance so therefore we are composing and interpreting lyrical, romantic music. Since her childhood, Melissa has always inspiration for new melodies and music. Jean Michel has studied piano and basic music composition in a music school near Paris and always enjoys playing piano as an amateur. He was dreaming of composing but he was lacking the inspiration for melodies. Their encounter allowed an ideal combination of the melodies from Melissa arranged by Jean-Michel. Our music is rich of a combination of european classical and Chinese, asian influence. We like to experiment with different instruments combination for our musical pieces, piano, violins, cello. We started composing in 2017 and up to now, we made two albums (“Life River” and “Along the Road”). Our last composition “Holding Hands” won the American Music Award in May 2018 in the “Best Music” category. We hope you will enjoy our music.

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