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    A L F R E D N O M A D is a music songwriter & performer creating his own path as an MC after falling in love with art and the hip hop culture as an adolescent. Originally starting as a poet, Alfred grew from poems to putting lyrics in songs while in his hometown Indianapolis, IN. He notes influences from Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Jill Scott, The Roots and Common. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Alfred has released several projects independently; The Pursuit of Happiness (2013), The Light Bulb Moment (2015), and 14 Hours (2017). Alfred is organically building his audience through independently touring which has resulted in opening up for popular acts such as Big Boi, MGK, Trey Songz, T-Pain and Waka Flaka, as well as headlining his own US tour and annual festival LxVE Fest. With his thoughtful life driven subject matter and musically modern sound that tends to blend with Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.

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