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    Alexandre Ferreira, known as Aleh Ferreira (São Paulo, October 27, 1966) is a Brazilian bandolinist, arranger and composer. At the age of 6 he began strumming the guitar. At 9 he learned cavaquinho, passing to the mandolin at age 11. At the age of 13 he was already a professional. Autodidata, presents classic works and other very popular Brazilian. In his discography there are works of his composition directed to Choro, musical style preferred by the composer. In 2000, he performed Brazilian popular music with Alessandro Penezzi, in Johannesburg and Luanda, with support from the Brazilian Embassy, ​​celebrating the Independence of Angola. In addition to refined choros, he composed the first Brazilian suites for solo cello, recorded by cellist Júlio Ortiz. He also wrote concerts for flute and symphony orchestra, for oboe and orchestra of strings and for cello and string orchestra. In 2001, he founded Trio Quintessência, a group that took him to the United States and Russia, where he made more than fifteen presentations. In Sala Tchaikowsky, closed the II Ibero-American Music Festival, next to Trio Quintessência. In the same year, he presented himself in Guadalajara (Mexico) to more than five thousand people, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a composer, he had two of his concertos for flute and clarinet performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and recorded on CD. Today his career has stood out more like composer of erudite music than proper musician. His works have been debuted in several parts of the world like Spain, Ukraine and Venezuela.

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