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    'We have a confession to make: we’ve fallen in love with Alex Starling’s voice. God, it’s good. Other singers grumble and plod along in the dust while Starling flies as high as his namesake. His voice is as soft as the glasses of two old friends, clinked together'. Aesthetica Magazine London-based singer-songwriter Alex Starling was integral to the early successes of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, before the untimely death of their lead singer, Charlie Haddon in 2010. Then, with his course altered immeasurably, he undertook solo shows in Germany and the U.S., before forming The Ghosts, spectres of ethereal synth-pop; of which The Guardian referred to as “soaring and sublime synth-pop” with MIXMAG stating they “could just be your next favourite band”. The Ghosts signed deals in the US, Canada and Russia and began to tour extensively over the next few years. During a break from touring Alex began writing for other artists, his music has been featured heavily on Sky Sports, MTV and on US TV shows such as the ABC NETWORK drama Red Widow.