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    So about me, the man which is myself goes by many names for specific reasons. My first love happens to be producing music in which i go by The Great Alexander. Started by using a mpc 1000 and a triton keyboard in 2006. producing lead me to go live in New York city for 6 months and attend the Scratch academy where I was taught the skill of Turntablism from DJ J-smoke, DJ Excess, DJ SugarRay and a few others. i would later go on to call myself Dj Howard Da Duck because of my neighborhood that i grew up in (North Howard st Akron, OH) and the fact that I'm a child of the 80's and would watch that dumb ass movie a lot as a youngin. My Rap name is Woodrow Sackman which came in part from a guy who would scream out WHOOOO Dro Sack man is here in my Late Teens!!! So, im a producer first, a dj second and a lyricist third.

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