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    The world may seem to be quite divided, but the universality of music brings everyone together through a majestic connection. Striking chords within hearts everywhere, Buddha Da Great connects his fan base across the world through the empowering melodies that reinforce ideas of love, tolerance and acceptance. Born in Atlanta, GA and currently a resident of Millerton, NY, Buddha Da Great is an emerging part of the resurgent Hip-Hop culture. The aspiring rapper also considers himself as an experimentalist and infuses the genres of Trap, Reggae and Rhythm & Blues into his masterful productions. Buddha Da Great, having lived through a challenging and troubled childhood, was greatly fascinated by the therapeutic element of music which compelled him to discover his own talents, and pursue a career as a serious music artist. As an artist who is still climbing new heights, Buddha Da Great measures his success one step at a time. This allows him to cherish success with constructive feedback of his audiences, especially when his music is acknowledged for its life-saving impact on listeners. So far in his career, Buddha Da Great believes that his coolest show was his live stage performance with Young Thug, T.I and Chief Keef. He believes that the ethos of the success of a live performance lies in the slapping beats and insane vibes; something that he promises in his performances. Buddha Da Great believes that his music, sound and quality are entirely authentic, cosmic and fulfilling. Although he sounds completely original as an individual artist, his music has been compared to that of Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Migos. Buddha Da Great has shared stage performances with Young Thug, Chief Keef and T.I, and looks forward to more collaboration. The latest single he released, ‘What’s your name,’ is available on online music forums such as iTunes. As of now, he is about to release a fresh EP and will direct his attention into recording and releasing new music.

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