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    Agony of the Leaves is the solo album project of Stephen Richardson, guitarist and songwriter for the long established (2007) Canadian indie Rock Band "3-Across-Dee-Eye". The latter of whom have released two albums: "3 Dinkie Pile-Up" & "| The | BOSS |"; both available on reverberation, itunes, amazingtunes, Spotify, emusic, etc. Both bands have found success with tracks licensed to: CBC TV, a syndicated tv cooking show (Wild Kitchen), a documentary on the popularity of the EA Sports NHL '94 videogame ("Pixelated Heroes" -- https://youtu.be/vAWtgjufIUs), multiple international in-store radio licences, and songs charting on National radio (East Coast Countdown). Stephen Richardson is a graduate of a Jazz university (guitar studies major) and now works as a full-time elementary and high school Band/Music/Guitar Teacher. He is also co-owner of Double D Rockstar Studios. As a guitarist he was previously endorsed by JT Riboloff Samick Rose Anne 30 Electrics, Andrew White EOS112 Acoustic Guitars, and Oldtown Glassworks "Schlomo" bottleneck slides. Thank you for considering this music.

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