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    Agony of the Leaves is the solo album project of Stephen Richardson (JUNO nominated--MusiCounts Music Teacher of the Year Award), guitarist, and songwriter for the long-established (2007) Canadian indie Rock Band "3-Across-Dee-Eye". The latter of whom have released two albums: "3 Dinkie Pile-Up" & "| The | BOSS |"; both available on Reverberation, iTunes, Amazingtunes, Spotify, eMusic, etc. Both bands have found success with tracks licensed to CBC TV, a syndicated tv cooking show--46 million American households--(Wild Kitchen), a documentary on the popularity of the EA Sports NHL '94 videogame ("Pixelated Heroes" -- https://youtu.be/vAWtgjufIUs), multiple international in-store radio licenses, and songs charting on National radio (East Coast Countdown). Recently, longtime Hollywood music supervisor Erin Dillon added the AOTL song White Clover to her buyer's "Heartbreak" themed playlist. This song will interest filmmakers in need of a conflicted acoustic song for projects needing elements of love, loss, mistakes, and regret. Stephen Richardson is a graduate of a Jazz university (guitar studies major) and now works as a full-time elementary and high school Band/Music/Guitar Teacher. He is also co-owner of Double D Rockstar Studios. As a guitarist he was previously endorsed by JT Riboloff Samick Rose Anne 30 Electrics, Andrew White EOS112 Acoustic Guitars, and Oldtown Glassworks "Schlomo" bottleneck slides. Thank you for considering this music.

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