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    Playing in Italy in a musical project with some friends (called Ropes of Sand), and recording with them too. I released an album last year called "Hotel Europa", it sums up a fair bit of my life since I was blown away from Ireland and onto the continent. I also play guitar with a great Irish songwriter called David Long (ex-Into Paradise, Ensign/EMI). Earlier in 2019 I helped him make his new album 'In Headphones', with the amazing David Ayers (Red Snapper; Warp Records). Very occasionally I play in a band called Huts on Stilts in Ireland. I've supported some great bands like Cinerama (ex-Wedding Present), The Frank and Walters, Turn, and John Grant, back when he was in the Czars. I still remember his voice, and how encouraging he was to me and my friends about continuing to make our own songs.

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 Lost, but happy to be making music with friends, here by a lake in Italy :o)