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    I AM UNSIGNED ARTISTE WHO IS IN NEED OF promotion IN ANY COUNTRY My name is Aceem I am from Nigerian I live in Lagos city, Nigeria I am a young coming hip hop hard core and Rand b star Which I can sing and rap very well. I am in need of a RECORDING DEAL I promise to be honest to who so ever that will sign me in any country and make him/her proud by bringing the best out of the bests. I get what is takes to be the best because everyday and night I learn more. I started learning music when I was 7 years old so as I grow up I realized that music is my talent that is why I break in. I thank god that people who hear my songs always love it because it sound good with pure clean lyrics like I wanna be like that like feather that i’ m gonna fly no matter the weather Please be very free to contact me for enquiries on Aceemjagznationnation@ yahoo.com +234 9098334992 http://www.facebook.com/ aceemjagz THANK YOU FROM BOY Aceemjagz aka killaboi

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