About Songtradr

Songtradr is a content management platform and licensing marketplace founded by producer/songwriter Paul Wiltshire and developed by a team of industry professionals, all of whom share a common goal; to provide rights holders and music buyers with world-class tools and services that remove friction from the unnecessarily complex process of buying and selling music rights.

Songtradr provides rights holders with a robust platform, where they can store, tag, playlist, share and market their assets to prospective buyers. Our marketplace provides music buyers with intuitive search and discovery tools as well as thematically and topically-curated playlists, allowing them to find and license the music they need quickly and painlessly. Additionally, our system facilitates easy administrative clearances by providing disparate, interested parties, such as writers, publishers and producers with a means by which to connect their fractional ownership shares and thus make the content available for licensing.

We are committed to maintaining transparency with our music providers and clients. Our rights holders maintain complete control over pricing and can choose to make their music available for automated transactions or elect to only accept offers from potential buyers. Music buyers, such as brands, creative agencies, music supervisors, filmmakers, and advertisers now benefit from having access to an incredible selection of music that has been designed with their uses in mind. Music that can be discovered, licensed or purchased, easily and efficiently.

We are working hard to provide an amazing platform for the music and media industries and welcome any feedback from our users.
Please email us at support@songtradr.com with any comments. Thank you for participating!

The Team

  • Paul L. Wiltshire
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Helge C. Steffen
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Steve Karpowicz
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Victoria Wiltshire
    Creative Director
  • Erin Dillon
    Director of Creative Services
  • Harmony Lucas
    Director of Creative Licensing
  • Sherry Orson
    Manager, Creative Licensing
  • Zac Harding
    Marketing Manager
  • Ben Foy
    Creative Services Manager
  • Mark Bunch
    Publishing Administrator
  • Kyle Warner
    Music Services Associate
  • Robert Singerman
    Intl. Business Development
  • Ben Kihnel
    Director of Business Dev
  • Eric Todd
    Business Dev East Coast
  • Paul Caine
    Board Advisor
  • Phil Quartararo
    Board Advisor
  • Bryan Biniak
    Board Advisor
  • Jimmy O'Mahoney
    Board Advisor
  • Tom Callahan
    Board Advisor
  • Steve Gledden
    Board Advisor
  • Stefano Curti
    Board Advisor
  • Simon Gallagher
    Board Advisor
  • Sean Olson
    Board Advisor
  • Doug Frank
    Board Advisor