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    3 Theory is a Los Angeles-based record label, recording studio and team of music collaborators who together have written and produced songs for major label artists, singers from NBC's "The Voice", as well as, licensed songs to companies like Amazon, Toyota, Skype, Hyatt Hotels, and TV networks such as NBC, ABC, and MTV. Home to indie-rock band Disable Danger, female pop duo The Upsided, French-pop band Notre Bloc and indie-folk duo The Boom Times. WE ARE REAL MUSICIANS WHO PLAY IN REAL TOURING BANDS. THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST. LET US PRODUCE MUSIC FOR WHAT YOU DO BEST.

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    • 9/28/2017 11:56:17 PM

      Songtradr tipped $5.00

 New EP from The Upsided dropping Fall 2017.