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    This is Don Deniro a.k.a. 1st Up. I also go by the name - Rich young Fly D' Apocalypse A.K.A. Fly 50, A 51 Year old Professional Recording Artist from Atlantic City, New Jersey. you may also know me as Big Raze, 3D Da Legend/Money Da Don. Call 470 685 9739 for booking info. I am a Living legend who has produced for a number of Alantic City's Best M.C.'s such as New Feddi Kane, Black Scarfo, D-Bear (RIP), Silver Fox, Big Doc, Big Diva, R&B Singer Court, King Niro, Cheeb Wu, Big O, Baggz, D Rizzo and Trill Staff, Pope P, Chais K Hill, and Ars, I have also worked with Shaye Drastic, Tokeem (RIP), The Looney Tunes, NCS, The Empire, Mike Nitty, Mucifer, Cool T (RIP), LG Dynasty, 800 Blok, Stephon Evans, & Dj Soul. I believe that age is not a hindrance and challenge people to comment and leave feedbackI can be contacted at 470 685 9739 for Booking Information.This new album is called Get Rich Stay Young and Live Fly -A Gritty Hardcore portrayal of a Kingpin seeking Super Stardom and Financial Independence. I look forward to hearing your reviews and would like to thank everybody in advance, for their purchase of my music on all Music Platforms. I always try to provide the listener with a new perspective, and I dont hold my tongue, I say what I feel. So just give me a listen, and you will come away entertained, and just remember, In This Brave New World, We should all try to stay Rich Young Fly

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