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    Founded in 2014, 18 Publishing leverages an extensive network of writers, vocalists, instrumentalists, producers, and engineers to create collaborative musical works tuned to the needs of major brands and music industry clients. Using a proprietary five-step songwriting process called S.C.O.R.E., this tight-knit patchwork of musical visionaries constructs tailor-fit musical compositions from first melody to final mix with a dutiful attention to detail. S.C.O.R.E., which stands for Strategize, Compose, Orchestrate, Record, and Execute, provides a rapid creative workflow allowing for specialized multi-song projects to be accomplished in a matter of days. A bulk of the creative work performed by the 18 Publishing team takes place at the Studio 18 artistic compound in Orlando, Florida. Studio 18 has been facilitating the exponential growth of the Orlando music scene for over 3 years and has rapidly become a staple of the Florida music industry. Located near the Downtown area, this creative/cultural mecca was built in 2013 by founder and mastering engineer Connor Smith and the Studio 18 team.

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