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Some of the great companies we work with...
  • Tyler Stenson

    Portland, OR

    I’m always looking into new platforms to help me with music licensing, but Songtradr is a rare breed that’s actually doing it right. The site is easy, clear-cut and free to use. Can’t argue with that!

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  • Keaton Simons

    Venice, CA

    Finally a single platform to manage and monetize my catalog. Organized and efficient. No strings attached!

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  • Sikora

    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr makes song rights management easy. As an indie artist, no other tool or platform can compare to the quality of opportunities we have received!

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  • Shane Alexander

    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr is fighting the good fight for hard-working musicians in an ever-changing industry; pairing great talent with great opportunities.

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  • Dezign8

    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr is the most intuitive and complete platform for the indie musician looking for licensing opportunities. And the best part is, there's no pay-to-play, it's non-exclusive, and we get to keep our rights. The way licensing is meant to be done.

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  • Finding Novyon

    Minneapolis, MN

    Songtradr is awesome! They’re always notifying me on new opportunities, and keeping me in the loop, making sure that I’m not missing out on serious money! Songtradr has opened my mind to avenues I would’ve never known existed being an independent artist. Their relationship with artists is personal, and makes me feel very engaged.

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  • Amy Hef

    Calgary, Canada

    Loving Songtradr! Always new opportunities to place music in avenues and countries I never even knew possible. Straight forward, accessible and an easy way to make money.

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  • Bad Bad Hats

    Minneapolis, MN

    Kind and genuinely helpful staff that has opened up multiple synch opportunities that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

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  • Didier Kussu

    CEO, United Entertainment and Media Limited
    London, UK

    There is no doubt that Songtradr is one of the most ambitious and innovative platforms for music licensing worldwide.

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  • Skiddalz

    Centralia, IL

    One thing I really love and appreciate about Songtradr is how personable their staff is! Any time I have a question they immediately get back to me and speak candidly with me. Not only that, they are really for the artists succeeding. They take the time to promote a user's music each week in their featured artist weekly email blast they send out. In the short amount of time I've been signed up to Songtradr, I've already placed a few of my songs that has let thousands of people hear my music. I plan on sticking with Songtradr for as long as possible! I have yet to find a company that works as closely with individual composers and musicians like Songtradr does. Their staff has made me feel wanted and my music appreciated. I could not ask for anything better!

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  • Eddie Caldwell

    CEO, Music Of The Sea Inc
    Chicago, USA

    We’re loving Songtradr and can’t believe how cool the site is. Every day there are new real opportunities we can pitch our music to and it doesn’t cost us a cent!

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  • The Deltaz

    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr has brought something unique and essential to the music licensing market. We were so excited to see a forum for us to set our own prices for future licensing and an open opportunity to get our music in the hands of decision makers. Songtradr is a game changer for indie music licensing!

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  • Matt Danger

    No Pants Records/Ninjas With Syringes
    Portland, OR

    When you are a young and motivated musician, you don’t always know how you’re going to reach your goals. But you know if you keep trying you’ll find a way. Songtradr was one of those ways I stumbled across after doing my research that made sense and made it happen quickly.

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  • North Star Media

    North Hollywood, CA

    Songtradr is one of our valued strategic partners. Their online music licensing platform is both polished and professional, much like the members of their accomplished creative team.

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  • Solillaquists Of Sound

    Orlando, FL

    Licensing our music has always been a part of our business that we’ve wanted to play a more active role in but up until now, it’s been something we’ve had to rely on others to handle. Songtradr is exactly what we needed to change that. Now, for the first time, I feel like we have total control in the area of our business that is our biggest revenue stream. I can’t express how important that is.

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  • James Bianco

    Editor and Assistant Music Supervisor for NCIS Los Angeles (CBS), Bloodline (Netflix) and others
    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr is one of my main go-to music licensing platforms for finding and licensing great music in a pinch. Their search engine is robust and easy to use, and all of the necessary licensing information is elegantly displayed. Even better, many tracks list clear set prices for all of the different types of rights, from trailer, to festival, to podcasts, etc.. This saves a lot of time not having to do the whole song and dance of negotiating back and forth with labels and publishers. Best of all, the quality of music is fantastic and authentic; submitted by real artists rather than a production house and carefully curated by industry professionals. If you need to license quality music quickly and painlessly for your project, I highly recommend Songtradr!

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  • Joel C. High

    Music Supervisor, Creative Control
    Los Angeles, CA

    Working with Songtradr has been a great experience! They have an incredibly diverse and deep catalog of music that has been able to nail several spots for me. The people who work there have great ears and instincts and really have been a huge help when I have been looking for something really specific and great.

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  • Danica Bates

    Business Affairs/Music Supervisor, Mullenlowe
    Boston, MA

    Love working with Songtradr on creative searches! Their in-house music supervisors have musical instincts that are spot on and they only send what you’re looking for, which is so refreshing.

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  • Janet Lopez

    Music Supervisor for Veep, Life in Pieces, Quarry - Neophonic
    Culver City, CA

    Songtradr is a great resource for us, providing immediate access to a wide range of artists and being able to utilize the Songtradr team of curators who work fast to match music to our requests. Thank you Songtradr!

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  • Mandar Thakur

    Chief Operations Officer, Times Music - a division of BCCL / The Times of India Group
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    The music licencing and sync placements world is a nightmare to navigate with complex rights management and ownership – Songtradr’s brilliant service allows for a single window licencing usage to customers/rights owners alike taking away the pain points of music licencing and sampling music for usage.

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  • Carly Van Skaik

    Music Supervisor
    Los Angeles, CA

    Songtradr is one of our go to companies for finding quality music. Their catalogue is wide ranging and diverse and I love that it’s all submitted by real independent artists. The people who work there have great ears and are consistently sending us awesome music. They have really helped us out on several of our shows. I highly recommend using Songtradr for your next project!

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